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Chevron Amethyst Pendulum


Pendulums are spiritual tools that are commonly used for spiritual healing such as balancing chakras, communication with our Spirit guides, dowsing, and clearing tarot cards. Above all, the majority of people use pendulums to help answer their yes or no questions. It can move in different directions such as left to right, clockwise to counterclockwise, and front to back. Sometimes it may even move in an elliptical or bobbing motion. If it is your first time using a pendulum, be patient and follow your intuition while learning to use this tool.

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Amethyst enhances intuition, spirituality and aids in meditation by activating the third eye and crown chakras. A highly protective crystal, Amethyst cleanses, heals and protects the auric shield and attracts Divine Energy. It is known to support those overcoming addiction, bad habits and overindulgence. This crystal can balance hormones, relax the mind and provide stability and balance. Has the ability to reduces stress and fears by calming the mind and spirit. Amethyst has been used to ease tension and headaches, and boost cell regeneration.

Amethyst is an ancient stone that is known as the All-Healer’s Stone, the Artist’s Stone, and the Couple’s Stone. It can be used to help healing within people, animals, and plants. Amethyst encourages and promotes creativity, focus, success, decision making, passion and balance. This crystal can be used to help expand your mind and consciousness, is comfort for those that are grieving, and aids to relieve OCD and hyperactivity in children. Because Amethyst has a calming and balancing vibration, it will help one to control their anger and promote peaceful sleep. Another use for this stone is to help with any type of addictions and is why it is also known as the Sobriety Crystal. Health conditions Amethyst can help with include promoting the immune system, improving your skin’s appearance, ailments of the digestive system, arthritis and pain, regulates hormones and will also help to reduce headaches and migraines.

This crystal is highly useful in spirituality and connection with the Divine. It will work to cleanse, open, and balance your third eye and crown chakras. Creating a protective shield around you, it absorbs and cleanses any negative influences and attachments. Amethyst is a great tool to use for meditation, sharpening and strengthening your spiritual visions, to bring enlightenment, to purify your aura and to protect against psychic attacks and ill-wishing. Lastly, this crystal will help to clear away what no longer serves you and your path! If you need assistance with any of these things, a beautiful Amethyst would be a great stone for you!

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  • Dimension: 8.1” L x 0.6” W (approx.)
  • The stone you receive will be intuitively chosen for you and may be slightly different than the one shown in the image.
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Weight 12 g
Dimensions 0.6 × 0.6 × 8.1 in
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