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Aragonite Flower Clusters – 4 Sizes


Clusters are groups of crystals that grew together on a base or rock and have all connected to one another. Clusters have a powerful energy and help bring unity to a space.  These Aragonite clusters come in four sizes to choose from. These will help you to amplify and tie in the energies that you are harnessing for your intention.

*Put Aragonite in your bath water to help with arthritis and pain.

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Aragonite is an ancient stone, carrying the deep-rooted energies of the earth. It helps us to keep a strong foundation while connecting to spiritual energies. Without a good connection to earth, we can get lost along our ethereal pursuits.

Aragonite’s energy helps to calm, center, and stabilize your energy. It helps us to remain patient and sensitive, even in volatile situations. This crystal encourages motivation, discipline and self-control. Working with this stone can help you overcome stagnation in your personal growth.

As life can be frantic and bizarre, Aragonite reminds us to stop, breathe and feel the earth’s energy. Such a steadfast energy helps with all other pursuits and journeys.

Aragonite and The Chakras

  • Root Chakra – Aragonite is incredibly grounding. It balances your root chakra, helping you to keep your feet on the planet. Staying grounded helps you follow your spiritual path without losing your connection to the earth’s energy.

The Physical Healing Properties of Aragonite

Aragonite helps us to heal our physical bodies by:

  • Raising the vibrations of the body to stimulate healing
  • Speeds recovery from broken bones and nerve damage
  • Relieves stress and nerve problems
  • Eases restlessness and twitching
  • Relieving pain and an aching body
  • Helps ease insomnia
  • Enhances absorption of calcium
  • Soothes aches and chills

Additional Details: 

  • SM Dimensions: 1.25” L x 1.5” W (approx.) 
  • MED Dimensions: 2.5” L x 1.5” W (approx.) 
  • LG Dimensions: 2.75” L x 1.75” W (approx.) 
  • XL Dimension: 4.5” L x 3.75” W (approx. 2.4 – 2.5 LB) 
  • The stone you receive will be intuitively chosen for you and may be slightly different than the one shown in the image.
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Planning on visiting the Private Showroom?? Please make an appointment ahead of time: CONTACT PAGE.