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Balance Your Metabolism – Blue Apatite Raw Tumble


These raw Blue Apatite tumbles vibrate at a high frequency because they are straight from the earth, pure, and unmodified by man. Typically, raw stones are unique in their shape. Measuring approx. 1.25” W x 1.75 L, they are excellent for grounding and for teaching you to love yourself just as you are, perfectly imperfect! 

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Blue Apatite is an amazing stone for your third eye and throat chakras! It is a spiritual stone that is known to help advance your psychic gifts by accelerating your clairvoyance and clairaudience. It also has a very cleansing influence on all of your chakras. Because this stone works so well with your third eye, it helps to clear confusion, expand intellect, increase self-realization and insight, and help to access the subconscious. Upon awakening the inner self, it will help to put you on your authentic and true path. Blue Apatite also helps to reduce frustration and irritability, bringing inner peace and tranquility. This crystal can increase ambition and independence, helping you to grow and step in to your personal power. If you are in any type of service-related career this stone will aid in your abilities and service to humanity.  

By working with the throat chakra, Blue Apatite promotes communication skills and speaking your truth. On a physical note, this crystal can help with joint and cartilage disorders, boost metabolism, sooth headaches and vertigo, and may aid in the absorption of calcium. It also works great for those needing assistance in suppressing cravings and hunger. This is a great crystal to use for meditation and other spiritual matters. It will help you to connect and communicate with your angels, guides and higher self. If you are looking for assistance in astral projection or lucid dreaming, Blue Apatite can be used to help you fly high! This stone is also widely known for its abilities to clear negativity, cleansing the aura, is a stone of manifestation and past life regression. If you are drawn to this crystal, please don’t hesitate to add this to your collection. You will not be disappointed! 

Additional Details:

  • Dimensions: 1.75“ L x 1.25“ W  (approx.)
  • The stone you receive will be intuitively chosen for you and may be slightly different than the one shown in the image.
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Additional information

Weight 35-75 g
Dimensions 1.75 × 1.25 × 1.25 in
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