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Clear Quartz Geodes – Set of 5


These awesome geodes are perfect for children or maybe some anger management! Raw geodes are great for “mining adventures” by burying them for your children to find. Once you have dug up your new found discoveries, take a hammer and flat screwdriver to the geode to open it and see what you find inside. These geodes come in sets of 5.

These raw Quartz geodes vibrate at a high frequency because they are straight from the earth, pure, and unmodified by man. Typically, they are unique in their shape. Measuring approx. 1” L x 1.5” W, they are excellent for grounding and for teaching you to love yourself just as you are, perfectly imperfect! Once they are open, admire the beauty.

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Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer! It balances and revitalizes our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Not only does it work great for amplifying our own energy, it’s amazing at boosting the effect of other crystals and is excellent for grid work. You can program your intentions into it and speak it into existence and watch it happen. If you are struggling with opening your third eye, clear quartz will bring in clarity as well as transmute energy!

Clear Quartz can open up communication with your guides through your crown chakra. A true aura purifier guiding you to welcome and hold the light, you will find more inspiration, awareness, clarity and peace in your life with Clear Quartz. It is a great tool for anyone needing help with concentration, studying, and retaining information. Clear Quartz also helps to benefit our physical bodies by boosting the immune system and bring the body back into balance. It is known to absorb and cleanse negative energy of all kinds, including EMF radiation. Clear Quartz can help with directed pain relief, healing and stamina. Tape a piece on and give it a try! This crystal can help to fire up the metabolism, detoxify the body and aid with weight loss.

Clear Quartz acts as a deep soul cleanser connecting the physical dimension with the mind by promoting the organs and subtle bodies to their highest functionality. It is able to absorb, release and regulate your mind, body and soul so energy can flow naturally and flawlessly. Clear Quartz is known to enhance psychic abilities, help connect with angels and guides, accessing the Akashic records and past life regression. Clear Quartz, also known as Rock Crystal or Crystal Quartz, can be used for all chakras, all elements and is great for all signs of the zodiac.

Additional Details: 

  • Dimension: 1” L x 1.5” W (approx.)
  • The stone you receive will be intuitively chosen for you and may be slightly different than the one shown in the image.
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Additional information

Weight 150-200 g
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 × 1 in
Planning on visiting the Private Showroom?? Please make an appointment ahead of time: CONTACT PAGE.