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Pure South African Raw Amber with Inclusions


These pure South African Raw Amber crystals vibrate at a high frequency. They are straight from the earth, pure, and unmodified by man with a powerful healing Lifeforce. Typically, they are unique in their shape and inclusions. Coming in a few variations ranging from 80 to 250 carats. They are excellent for grounding and pain relief.

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Amber is fossilized tree resin. Because of amber’s healing properties, it is considered one of our healing crystals. Amber was at one time part of the tree’s immune system, which is likely the key to its incredible healing properties. Amber carries with it life force, connecting with the sun and the earth. It’s a powerful healer and cleanser of the mind, body, and spirit, also cleansing the environment around us. It draws pain and disease from the physical body, and it turns negative energies into the positive energy of the light of the sun.

Amber’s bright, soothing energy brings health and well-being, stimulating the body to heal itself. Amber is a terrific tool for enhancing creativity and opening self-expression. It builds confidence so that you feel empowered to share your ideas and stay motivated. Amber dispels depression and negative thoughts and replaces those with feelings of optimism and joy and possibility.

Amber and The Chakras

  • Solar Plexus Chakra – Amber activates the solar plexus chakra, which is the energy distribution center of the body. It controls the immune and digestive systems. When this chakra is in balance, we can fight infections and be vibrant and healthy.

The Physical Healing Properties of Amber

Amber helps us to heal our physical bodies by:

  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Can stimulate a sluggish digestion.
  • Helps treat the kidneys, bladder, spleen, liver, and gallbladder.
  • Treats goiter and disorders of the throat.
  • Relieves joint pain, rheumatism, tooth pain, teething pain.
  • Eases bronchial issues, especially whooping cough.
  • Eases stomach aches.

Additional Details: 

  • SM Dimensions: 1” L x 0.5” W (approx. 80 carats)
  • MED Dimensions: 1.25” L x 0.7” W (approx. 100 carats)
  • LG Dimensions: 1.25” L x 1.25” W (approx. 135 carats)
  • XL Dimensions: 1.5” L x 1.75” W (approx. 160 carats)
  • 2XL Dimensions: 1.75” L x 1” W (approx. 185 carats)
  • 3XL Dimensions: 1.5” L x 1.25” W (approx. 210 carats)
  • 4XL Dimensions: 1.25” L x 1.5” W x 1.25” H (approx. 250 carats)
  • The stone you receive will be intuitively chosen for you and may be slightly different than the one shown in the image.
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Planning on visiting the Private Showroom?? Please make an appointment ahead of time: CONTACT PAGE.