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Selenite Lamps – 3 Sizes


These beautiful Selenite lamps range from 7.5” to 9.6” in height. It comes with your choice of a white or rainbow LED light base to bring illumination to this piece and the room it resides in.

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I’M DELICATE, DON’T GET ME WET! Selenite is a powerhouse for charging and clearing your other crystals. It can be used to cleanse the aura and create a protective barrier between you and negative energy. This crystal also encourages clarity of mind and opens the crown and higher chakras to invoke universal oneness. It is known to allow access to the Akashic Records. Selenite has been known to stabilize epileptic disorders and correct deformities of the skeletal system.

Selenite is a powerful healer that clears blocked energy, is peaceful and calming, promotes honesty, and general well-being for your home and everyone in it! It is an amazing tool for any person who does metaphysical work and healing. Known to clear, open and activate your crown and higher chakras, this is a stone that has been known to strengthen memory. It will also charge, clear and amplify other stones around it and is excellent for gridding. Selenite promotes purity, stress relief, forgiveness, self-awareness and integrity. This is also a crystal that is known to transmit advice from your higher self and the angelic realm. Aura cleansing, accessing past and future lives, and embodying and anchoring divine light are some of the metaphysical uses of this stone. Selenite can also be used to strengthen the skeletal system, stabilize epileptic disorders, calm anxiety, and overcome tumors and light sensitivity. Pair Selenite with Black Tourmaline for the ultimate protection from negative energy and entities.

*Selenite is a soft crystal, is water soluble, and should be handled with care.

Additional Details: 

  • SM Dimensions: 3.4” W x 7.5” H (approx. 3.1 – 3.2 LB)
  • MED Dimension: 3.25” W x 9.4″ H (approx. 5.2 LB)
  • LG Dimensions: 3.5″ W x 9.25” H (approx. 5.7 LB)
  • The stone you receive will be intuitively chosen for you and may be slightly different than the one shown in the image.
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Available Light Base:

White, Rainbow

Available Sizes


Planning on visiting the Private Showroom?? Please make an appointment ahead of time: CONTACT PAGE.